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Gavthi Kadwe Vaal - Field Beans

Gavthi Kadwe Vaal - Field Beans

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Sprouted vaal has a robust flavour that complements a wide variety of dishes. This cream-coloured bean is available in various shapes and sizes and as dal too. To sprout vaal, first sort and wash the beans. Soak the beans overnight (8 to 12 hours) in plenty of warm water. Once the beans swell up, drain the water, bundle them in a damp cheese cloth and leave to sprout, dampening the cloth by sprinkling water once in a while. It typically takes 36 to 48 hours for the vaal to sprout. Once done, wash the sprouts and inspect them. Discard any beans that are discoloured, and peel the rest if desired. You can do this by placing them in warm water and rubbing lightly with your fingers. The peel will pop off easily.
Farm Fresh


  • Coated with Boric Powder
  • Wash wel befor use
  • वाल भिजत घातल्या नंतर सुद्धा काही दाण्यांना मोड येत नाहीत. त्या साठी एक टीप: भिजत घालण्या पूर्वी वाल एका कापडात सैल बांधा, बांधलेल्या कापडाची एक शेंडी पकडून वीस पाचवीस वेळा किचनच्या ओट्यावर आपटा, नंतर भिजत घाला. शेतकऱ्यां कडून खरेदी केलेला माल शितगृहात साठवला जातो, त्यानंतर गरजेप्रमाणे तो काढून विक्रीसाठी उपलब्ध केला जातो. त्यामुळेसुद्धा वाला च्या मोड येण्याच्या क्षमतेवर परिणाम होतो
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