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Privacy Policy

Welcome to (www.konkanfoodbazar.com) This website is provided as a service to our users and is used for informational & sales purposes only. Since the Privacy Policy contain legal obligations, please read them carefully.

It’s necessary to remember that user details like name, email address and any other information they provide to us will be stored with us and from time to time also appear on the website when you re-visit. Similar to other websites, our server obtains the IP address and cookies of the visitor to collect certain data. For any online payments via credit cards, we use a third party secure and reliable payment gateway system- RazorPay. Please take note that credit/debit card details that you put in on the website are not stored with us, instead it is only stored and encrypted on the Visa/Mastercard, whichever is used. With cookies, we use web analytics to let us know how users arrived at our website as well as how they are using our website. This data is collected to use for providing better user experience to the visitors.